• A first class welcome in your journey through Air India Airlines

    Air India is the national carrier of India and is India's third-biggest carrier in terms of passengers carried. Air India is operated by Air India Limited, a Government of India enterprise. Air India commenced services in July 1946 after World War II. The Indian flag carrier is headquartered in New Delhi with its prime hubs situated at Indira Gandhi International Airport and Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. Experience outstanding guest hospitality with over 600 hours of in-flight entertainment and competitive fares. Experience comfort like home while traveling in the magnificent sky through Air India Airlines. Book your next destination now to get exciting offers on your booking.

    Read on the blog to know about the services you get while making your journey:




    Through Air India Air Travel, you get generous services while making your journey. This airline is devoted to providing quality flying experience to its passengers. With the onboard staff at Air India that are working professionals from all over the world, explore the whole world.

    Air India Check-In Information

    • Online Check-In

    Air India fliers can check-in online for their flights. This service is available from this link 48 hours prior to departure and up to 2 hours prior to departure.

    • Airport Check-In

    In addition, fliers can check-in for their Air India flights at the airport kiosk. This is accessible for domestic flights only. So get access to all perks through Air India Booking. Get great offers on your booking.

    Air India Inflight Entertainment

    Air India delivers a large number of channels and movies for passenger's inflight entertainment. This service is not currently accessible on board Airbus aircraft.

    • Air India TV

    Enjoy travel documentaries, popular Hindi shows and cartoons when flying Air India. There are enough things for every member of the family onboard your Air India flight.

    • Air India Movies

    Through Air India, you can pick from a range of films including new Hindi releases as well as Bollywood classics. There's also a range of classic Hollywood films as well as foreign language films.

    Air India Food

    • Air India Meal Options

    Get Air India Tickets now to enjoy all delicious meals above the clouds. With inspiration from Indian flavors and cultures, Air India provides food onboard ‘fit for a king’. Meal offerings depend on the route and class flying, from the options of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, High Tea or Supper.

    Fliers can select their preferred meal choice before flying, but if no meal is selected, an Indian Non-Vegetarian Meal will be served as normal.

    First and Executive class fliers are offered a premium menu on board their flights, to see the menu offered in the region you are travelling in, follow this link and click the appropriate region.

    • Air India Special Dietary Requirements

    Air India delivers a range of different special meals for its passengers, including religious meals, medical meals, and meals for infants. Passengers must request their special meal 48 hours before flight departure, especially for economy class. For passengers with nut allergies, Air India advice passengers to bring their own food aboard as nuts are served on board.

    See below for a full list of available special meals if you are traveling through Air India Airlines:

    Religious Meals

    • Asian Veg Meal

    • Hindu Meal (non-veg)

    • Kosher Meal

    • Jain Meal

    • Vegetarian Meal

    • Moslem Meal

    Medical and Dietary Meal

    • Bland Meal

    • Diabetic Meal

    • Fruit Platter

    • Gluten-Free Meal

    • Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian Meal

    • Low-calorie Meal

    • Low Fat / Low Cholesterol Meal

    • Low Sodium Meal

    • Non-Lactose Meal

    • Raw Vegetable Meal

    • Seafood Meal

    • Vegetarian Oriental Meal

    With friendly hospitality and amazing services book your next journey through Air India Booking. Get exclusive offers and deals on your booking.


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